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Punished by Professor Tentacle


Maggie Cross is a freshman at her dream college, but a bad grade threatens her academic scholarship. When she asks Professor Gallagher for extra credit, he refuses until she offers him a sexy proposition. The professor wants to teach her a lesson and she’s ready to learn! But, what Maggie expects to be a sweaty night of spanking and fun with her sexy professor turns out to be a night she’ll never forget when she discovers what is hiding under his argyle sweaters.

This 5000 word short story is for adults only. It contains sexy scenes of spanking, BDSM, oral sex, double penetration and hot unexpected tentacle sex with an older professor.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.


He turned his back to her, frantically unbuttoning his shirt. His voice was breathy and angry: “You’re a bad, bad girl Maggie.”

She sucked in her breath, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against the cool wood of the professor’s desk. She was so turned on she couldn’t stand it. So far this night was exceeding her expectations. Never did she think a dirty spanking would be so hot, but she loved it and she hoped there would be more.

“I have a surprise for you, Maggie.”

She felt him come up behind her and started to push herself up when she felt his hand on her neck, pushing her back down.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he chided.

Maggie stared down at the desk, the woodgrain blurring in front of her. What was he planning? She felt something warm and wet slide past her cheek and then a strange and sweet smell tickled her nose. Something slender and green flicked near the corner of her eye and then whatever was wriggling on her cheek disappeared.

“What are you doing?” Maggie said, trying not to sound afraid, but she was a little worried. Then suddenly she felt really relaxed, light headed and happy.

“Teaching you a lesson.”

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Anal Awakening


Kristin can’t get over her jerk of an ex, so her best friend Stacy takes her to see a psychic to tell her how much better her future will be. Kristin is skeptical, but when she sits down for her reading, she realizes the psychic really does have a supernatural gift. Not only can he tell Kristin her future, he offers to help awaken her sexuality and give her pleasure she’s never experienced before. Will she let him try out things she previously thought too taboo?

This 4000 word short story is for adults only. It contains fingering, first time anal sex, spanking and a psychic reading too hot to handle!


He took my hand, holding it as if to grab my attention. “You need to let yourself go.”

I shrugged, showing my confusion.

“You’ve never…indulged the compulsions and fantasies stirring inside you. You’ve repressed them, ignored them and starved yourself in the process.”

“I—I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Part of my mind was telling me to get out of there, to get as far away from this man as possible. Another part of me wanted to stay, I wanted to know what he knew.

“I could show you.” His fingers tickled his way up to my wrist, lightly touching me in a way that ignited my body, a wanting and long building up inside me. How could he know how to do that? “I could help you let go and fulfill your fantasies.”

I wanted to yank my hand away, give him a disgusted look and storm out of the room. That was what I was supposed to do. But there was something about him. When he looked at me with that intent gaze, he was sexy. There was something about him that made me want to hike up my skirt and touch myself and just have him watch.

“You could do that, if you like.”

“What?” I pulled my hand away, standing up. “Are you reading my thoughts?”

He stood as well, coming close to me. We were the same height, able to look eye to eye. “It doesn’t work like that. I get feelings, images, fleeting thoughts. It’s not like I hear voices in my head. But I can feel that you’re aroused, that your body is waking up and it’s wanting.” He stroked my cheek with his fingertips before his hand moved down, lightly holding my neck. “You need an awakening—a release. That will reset your path.”

He leaned close, his face just a few inches from mine. “I can do that for you, fulfill your every fantasy. Just ask.”

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Bred by the Space Monster


In the year 3487, Mag is an up-and-comer in the lightspeed shipping service, moving goods across space with efficiency. When a blockade captures the ship delivering vaccines to the planet Kuzcar, Mag must risk flying through the territory of the dreaded alien monster Gwel to make it to Kuzcar and save her sister before the planet is overtaken by a plague. When her ship encounters the monster, instead of destroying the ship, he overtakes it, his tentacles finding her inside. What surprises her most is what the tentacles want, and how much she likes it!

This 3100 word short story if for adults only and features double penetration, bondage, impregnation and hot tentacle on human action in space!


Mag drew her knees into her chest, forming a floating ball in the darkness. If the monster was inside, then the ship was breached, meaning the oxygen was slowly draining out. Soon she would be unconscious and then it would all be over. She just had to wait.

Something flicked past her foot, a fleeting ticklish touch, then wrapped around her ankle. What she expected to be cold and slimy was warm and smooth. Mag tried to twist out of its grasp, but the grip was firm. She pulled her legs tighter against her chest, closing her eyes even though she couldn’t see anything in the darkness.

Suddenly she felt something slither over her shoulder, wrapping down under her armpit and around her arm. The tentacle on her ankle and the one holding her arm pulled in opposite directions, straightening out her body. The maneuver wasn’t violent, it was gentle and firm. Still, her heart pounded. Mag expected her death to be in a ball of fire as Gwel destroyed her ship. This—well, she didn’t know what to make of this. A slow torture? Did the monster plan to eat her? Or do something much, much worse?

One of the lights flickered on above, glowing steady for a moment before flickering into a hypnotic strobe. She saw a thicker tentacle floating towards her, eerily unreal in the light. It was as thick as her lower arm, tapering off into a point at the tip. The sides were dotted with light green spots that stood out against the dark green skin.

It hovered for a moment in front of her face, as if it was looking at her with unseen eyes. Mag held her breath, waiting for what would come next. Slowly it reached for her face, the smoothness caressing down her cheek and against her neck. She closed her eyes. Something about it was comforting: it felt nice, almost sensual.

From her neck, the tentacle hooked into the collar of her suit and with a sudden movement ripped it cleanly from her body. Mag jumped with surprise as the thick tentacle wrapped itself around her midsection, the end curling over her belly.

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Storage Whores


In this parody of a popular reality TV show, the bidders have more on the line than just scoring a good locker. Mandi sees a box of nick-nacks that she needs to buy to complete her collection, but when her husband loses the bid to their rival Clive, is she willing to do whatever he wants to get it and risk getting caught while they make the exchange?

This 4500 word short story is for adults only and contains a doggie style quickie, infidelity, and a very dirty blow job with a facial in a public place.


“I can get money for anything in this locker—and more than you’ll pay me. I’m not interested.” He turned his back to her and started pulling open the drawers of a dresser, finding them all empty.

“What about a different kind of proposal?”

Clive glanced over his shoulder. “Go on.”

“We could work out…an arrangement.” Mandi puckered her lips and arched her back a bit to highlight her assets. “Surely I have something you want, that we could…trade?”

Clive laughed. “This isn’t kindergarten, Mandi. I’m not going to give you my PB&J for your Fruit Roll-Up.”

Mandi sighed. This wasn’t working out quite the way that she planned—though she really didn’t have a plan to begin with. If she just left defeated, Clive would never let her live it down. No, she needed to get that figurine. No matter what.

Mandi took a deep breath and stepped up close to Clive, the curve of her breast brushing the back of his tanned arm.

“Come on Clive.” Her voice was huskier, barely above a whisper. “There must be something you want. Something I could do for you.” Mandi ran her fingertips lightly up his arm, underneath the sleeve of his black crew shirt.

Clive froze, feeling his dick growing hard in his pants. Since his divorce five years ago he played the field, occasionally getting beautiful young women into bed based on his reputation in the community as a successful businessman. Lately, he was working so much that he didn’t have time to wine and dine anyone, and the dry spell certainly left him wanting.

Mandi was attractive and fit the mold of beautiful for this part of California—people often joked behind her back that Kyle found her in a strip club. Her plump lips looked like they could suck a label off a ketchup bottle. But sleeping with the competition wouldn’t be a wise business move.

“Mandi, I am a professional business man—”

Making a bold move, Mandi reached around, stroking his partially erect cock through his pants, causing it to spring to life.

Clive exhaled, unable to finish his sentence.

Mandi moved close to his ear, whispering: “What do you want?”

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Late Night Oral Report


July is hot and there’s a drought. For Morgan, it’s more than just the lack of rain outside. She’s stuck watching the office during a blackout until the night guard arrives. Expecting to spend the night alone, her cocky floor lead Charlie shows up unexpectedly. When Charlie makes an indecent proposal, suddenly the heat around her isn’t just because the AC is out of commission. Will she give into her desires or let the storm pass?

This 3,500 word short story is for adults only. It includes graphic descriptions of sex in public, oral sex (cunnilingus and blow job) and hot M/F sex all over Clara’s desk.


Charlie was already moving down the long rows of desks to the other side of the floor. He heard the kitchen door close behind Morgan and turned around. “Are you following me?”

“I have to make sure you stay out of trouble.” Morgan cursed herself after she said it. It sounded flirty.

“Yes, Miss Morgan,” he said like a submissive schoolboy.

Charlie headed straight for his desk.

“Here it is.” He held up the phone, the screen glowing in his hand.

“Great, there you go.” Morgan stopped at the end of a row of desks as Charlie came towards her. “Have a good night.”

He stopped next to her. “You sure you don’t want me to stick around until Ted gets here?”

“No. It’s hot enough in here already without you around.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Morgan, are you hitting on me?”

“Watch it. I’m still the boss—even if you’re off the clock.”

He took a step towards her. “I could go on the clock…if you like.”


“Work a little overtime.”

He was very close to her now. She could feel the heat coming off of his skin and smell his flesh. It was not unpleasant, the scent of his cologne with a little of his natural musk. Still, she was trying to keep herself composed. She should push him away—order him to leave and threaten to call the police if he didn’t. She couldn’t move though—didn’t want to move.

“You’re a very naughty girl Miss Watson.” He fingered the buttons on her blouse, peering down at her exposed cleavage. “I don’t think this is workplace appropriate attire.”

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