Lesbian Sex Stories & Lesbian Erotica

  • I, Sexbot 2: Licking my Owner’s Lover

    I, Sexbot 2: Licking my Owner's Lover
  • Seduced by the Billionaire’s Wife – The Billionaire’s Wife 1

    Seduced by the Billionaire's Wife - First Time Lesbian Erotica
  • Seducing the Billionaire’s Wife – The Billionaire’s Wife 2

    Seducing the Billionaire's Wife - Lesbian Erotica
  • Seduced at the Spa

    Seduced at the Spa - First Time Lesbian Erotica
  • Seduced by My Bi Roommate

    Seduced by My Bi Roommate First Time Lesbian Erotica
  • Doing Her Bidding – The Billionaire’s Wife 3

    Doing Her Bidding (First Time Lesbian Menage Erotica) - The Billionaire's Wife 3
  • Seduced by the Billionaire’s Wife: The Complete Trilogy

    Seduced by the Billionaire's Wife: The Complete Series of First Time Lesbian Erotica
  • Seduced at the Resort

    Seduced at the Resort: First Time Lesbian Sex Story
  • Tempted by Her

    Tempted by Her: First Time Lesbian Erotica Bundle

  • Do you want to escape into a sexual fantasy where only women are allowed? My steamy lesbian sex stories focus on women exploring their deepest desires for the first time. What happens when a bicurious college student finds herself attracted to her roommate? Or what if it’s more than steam that’s getting hot between two best friends at the spa? I write erotica for lesbians, bisexual women, or straight girls who just like to explore other sexual situations.

    Lesbian erotica and porn are often made to be consumed by men, but my lesbian erotic fiction is written specifically for women. The stories not only feature explicit and sensual scenes to ignite and inspire your imagination but also focus on emotion and characters, creating erotic lesbian stories that are fun to read and enjoy. The characters are relatable and real, so you can feel their excitement and embody their experience in your own mind.

    While these stories are written specifically for women, men often enjoy them as well. Erotica is a great alternative to video porn, with lesbian erotic stories about realistic characters and situations. The dialogue and emotions are genuine and do not feel cheesy or exploitative like traditional porn videos. Lesbian sex short stories can be read in one sitting when you’re in the mood for a sexy and steamy story.

    Common themes and characters you will find in my erotic lesbian short stories include bicurious women, bisexual women, lesbian experimentation, first-time lesbian experiences, lesbian strapons and dildos, and public sex. While my hot lesbian sex stories are not romances, they do feature HFN (Happy For Now) endings. They also feature explicit and detailed sex scenes, with the majority of the story focusing on sexual encounters. The stories are driven by lust and attraction, rather than love and romance.

    My lesbian short stories are available as downloadable lesbian erotica ebooks. Available from multiple retailers in Kindle, epub, PDF, and other digital book formats. You can read my lesbian sex erotica on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. I recommend reading them alone in evenings or with your partner to inspire a new role play or position.