Contemporary Erotica & Erotic Romance

  • Late Night Oral Report

    Late Night Oral Report
  • Storage Whores

    Storage Whores
  • Curves for the Football Star

    Curves for the Football Star
  • Midnight Snack: Sucking on the Neighbor Boy

    Midnight Snack: Sucking on the Neighbor Boy
  • Officer, Please! (Bound by Authority BDSM)

    Officer, Please
  • Sucking, Licking & Eating – The Oral Fun 3 Pack

    Sucking, Licking, & Eating - Oral Sex 3 Pack Bundle

  • If you’re new to erotica or just interested in stories about real, modern people experiencing love and sex, you’ll love my contemporary erotica. Featuring strong heroines who are living out their fantasies, my stories focus on naughty scenarios most of us wouldn’t dream of being caught in. You can explore these fantasies safely through the pages of my books. My contemporary stories are straight erotica, focusing on MF pairings. (I also have contemporary lesbian erotica available.) Often my contemporary erotica is described as women’s erotica, as I write it specifically with female readers in mind. I try to cater to their fantasies and interests through my short erotic stories.

    I write short one off stories focusing on chance encounters, one night stands, and naughty reunions. These stories are perfect for living out a special fantasy (like hooking up with the high school quarterback at your reunion) or exploring a new kink (like being handcuffed by a police officer). If you’re more interested in watching a romance and relationship develop, I also write romantic erotica series.

    Common themes and characters in my contemporary erotica include oral sex, public sex, cheating, hooking up with old crushes, sassy female leads, and dark and mysterious men. These are great stories if you’re new to reading erotica and still trying to figure out what you like. These stories also work really well for couples who are looking for something steamy to share.

    My erotic romance and erotica stories are available to download as short stories or bundles in a variety of ebook formats for the most common tablets and ereaders (Kindle, epub, PDF, etc.). You can purchase them at the post popular online retailers. While the erotic romances are longer series that take time to read, the short erotica is meant to read it one sitting. They’re great for a lonely night in or sharing with your partner for a romantic night.