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Midnight Snack: Sucking on the Neighbor Boy


Marissa’s sex life went kaput when her older husband started taking sleeping pills. Left wanting and hungry, she looks for some satisfaction in her kitchen. As she tries to find a release, she discovers her 18-year-old neighbor watching her through the window and realizes he has the same hunger as she. Will they give in to the temptation to satisfy each other’s desires or go to bed hungry?

This 5,100 word short story is for adults only. It contains voyeurism, masturbation, food play, oral sex (blow job and cunnilingus) between a sexy cougar and the teenager next door plus whipped cream and indecent acts with a cucumber!

All characters in this story are adults over 18 years old.


Something else took over as Marissa led Todd into her house. Someone else. Someone she’d hidden deep inside—the younger version of herself who loved to have sex and enjoy life. The one that faded away after a few years of marriage and domestication. She felt alive and excited, walking around stark naked in front of this young man, letting her hips sway side to side so Todd could get a good view of her toned and tanned ass.

“What were you doing outside?” Marissa asked as she turned around, leaning against the counter where she sat masturbating just minutes earlier.

Todd was clearly unnerved by her nudity, his eyes darting from her face to the cabinets to the floor and back again. All he wanted was to leap on her, to grope her body and taste her skin. Instead, he felt like a little boy standing in front of a grown woman.

Marissa loved being naked in front of him, watching him as his eyes ogled her body and then shamefully darted away.

“I, uh, I was headed home.”

“Aren’t you out kind of late for a school night?” She raised her eyebrow playfully.

Todd cleared his throat and stood up a little straighter. “I graduated already. I’m an adult now. A man.”

Marissa’s eyes trailed down his body, to where his pants now concealed his package. Her gaze felt like x-rays to Todd. “You certainly are.” She smiled.

“I, uh, I’m sorry I was, uh, looking in the window—”

“Did you see anything you liked?”

“Um, uh, I didn’t see anything.” Suddenly his throat felt very dry. This was weird. It felt like a trap, but she didn’t seem mad. She seemed playful and amused like she had something indecent in mind.

“Are you sure?” Marissa eased herself up onto the counter, propping one leg up on the island again, giving Todd a perfect view.

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Curves for the Football Star


Meg was a loser in high school. When kids weren’t making fun of her they were ignoring her. Ten years later she’s a confident, curvy lady with a sexy husband, so she decides to attend her high school reunion. When she sees her old high school crush Josh, she realizes he still makes her weak in the knees. As she finally gets up the courage to talk to him, he reveals that he has the hots for her curvy body and wishes she wasn’t married. Now Josh is a rich and famous football star and Meg decides she doesn’t want to miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep with him, so she makes an indecent proposal. Will they let their passions take over or leave the past to the past?

This 6200 word short story is for adults only and contains a curvy girl hooking up with her high school crush, including explicit oral sex, infidelity, and a hot one night stand in Mr. Clark’s chemistry lab.


The lights were out in the hallway and Josh offered me his hand as we slipped out of the gym. My heart was pounding in my head as we hurried down the hallway, the door slamming behind us and leaving us in near darkness. The warmth of his hand pulling me forward somehow kept me calm even though I felt for a moment like things were spinning out of control. I wasn’t supposed to want this, but I did. I was excited. I could feel my panties clinging damply against my sex. I couldn’t deny that.

Every fifth light in the ceiling glowed at half its normal output, and as we passed quickly through those beams I watched him in front of me, moving forward, never glancing back. Then suddenly he stopped, his arms around me before I could stop moving. Josh pushed me up against the lockers, the metal surprisingly cool through the fabric of my dress. His face moved towards mine, stopping for a moment to gaze into my eyes before his hand grabbed my neck, holding my head steady as he kissed me.

My knees went weak for a moment–a silly cliche but this was a moment I dreamed and fantasized about for so many years and I was breathless in his arms. Josh’s body was warm as it pressed against mine, his arms firm and muscular. I could feel the hardness of an erection growing in his pants as I grabbed his sides and held him close. Shivers danced through my body as his thumb stroked a sensitive patch of skin behind my ear. I was like ice melting into liquid in his hands, ready for him to tear off my dress and fuck me up against the lockers.

He pulled away, one hand trailing down my arm until he grasped my palm.

“You ever have sex in the school?” he whispered.

I shook my head. “You?”

His smile was mischievous and he pulled away from the wall, tugging me along behind him as he headed toward one of the doors.

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Storage Whores


In this parody of a popular reality TV show, the bidders have more on the line than just scoring a good locker. Mandi sees a box of nick-nacks that she needs to buy to complete her collection, but when her husband loses the bid to their rival Clive, is she willing to do whatever he wants to get it and risk getting caught while they make the exchange?

This 4500 word short story is for adults only and contains a doggie style quickie, infidelity, and a very dirty blow job with a facial in a public place.


“I can get money for anything in this locker—and more than you’ll pay me. I’m not interested.” He turned his back to her and started pulling open the drawers of a dresser, finding them all empty.

“What about a different kind of proposal?”

Clive glanced over his shoulder. “Go on.”

“We could work out…an arrangement.” Mandi puckered her lips and arched her back a bit to highlight her assets. “Surely I have something you want, that we could…trade?”

Clive laughed. “This isn’t kindergarten, Mandi. I’m not going to give you my PB&J for your Fruit Roll-Up.”

Mandi sighed. This wasn’t working out quite the way that she planned—though she really didn’t have a plan to begin with. If she just left defeated, Clive would never let her live it down. No, she needed to get that figurine. No matter what.

Mandi took a deep breath and stepped up close to Clive, the curve of her breast brushing the back of his tanned arm.

“Come on Clive.” Her voice was huskier, barely above a whisper. “There must be something you want. Something I could do for you.” Mandi ran her fingertips lightly up his arm, underneath the sleeve of his black crew shirt.

Clive froze, feeling his dick growing hard in his pants. Since his divorce five years ago he played the field, occasionally getting beautiful young women into bed based on his reputation in the community as a successful businessman. Lately, he was working so much that he didn’t have time to wine and dine anyone, and the dry spell certainly left him wanting.

Mandi was attractive and fit the mold of beautiful for this part of California—people often joked behind her back that Kyle found her in a strip club. Her plump lips looked like they could suck a label off a ketchup bottle. But sleeping with the competition wouldn’t be a wise business move.

“Mandi, I am a professional business man—”

Making a bold move, Mandi reached around, stroking his partially erect cock through his pants, causing it to spring to life.

Clive exhaled, unable to finish his sentence.

Mandi moved close to his ear, whispering: “What do you want?”

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