Fantasy & Sci Fi Erotica

  • I, Sexbot

    I, Sexbot
  • Anal Awakening

    Anal Awakening - Paranormal Erotica
  • I, Sexbot 2: Licking my Owner’s Lover

    I, Sexbot 2: Licking my Owner's Lover
  • I, Sexbot 3: A Pleasurebot of My Own

    I, Sexbot 3 - A Pleasurebot of my Own
  • I, Sexbot: The Complete Trilogy

    I, Sexbot - The Complete Trilogy Scifi Erotica Bundle

  • If you’re bored of traditional erotica stories you may want to try some genre erotica. Fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction elements can be blended with erotic stories and sexy scenarios to create books that inspire your body and your imagination. Whether you’re looking for a story with hints of the paranormal or sci fi erotica featuring robots or aliens, you’ll find something interesting here.

    My erotic science fiction and fantasy stories are written to combine elements from my favorite sci fi books and movies with hot sex scenes. I love exploring different worlds, times, and characters and then add my own steamy twists. Just like any other SFF story, I spend time on world building so the culture and setting feel as real as the stroke of hand against flesh. I make sure my sexy scifi not only turns you on but tells you an entertaining and imaginative story as well.

    Since I write sci fi erotica for my own enjoyment, it appeals to both men and women. It’s a great alternative to traditional video porn. Most science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal porn is cheesy or a goofy parody. My sci fi sex stories are original ideas with fun and interesting characters. The main focus of the short erotic stories is explicit sexual encounters set in fantastical worlds and scenarios.

    Common themes and characters you’ll see in my sci fi erotica include strong female characters, robot erotica, space travel, futuristic worlds, alien sex (including tentacles), paranormal characters, and experimentation.

    My fantasy and sci fi erotica is available as short stories and bundles for download in ebook formats. You can purchase them at a variety of online retailers in ebook formats (Kindle, epub, PDF, etc.). These erotic short stories can be read in one sitting and are great way to entertain yourself on a night in with a glass of wine. You can even share these stories with your partner to add some out of this world spiciness to your sex life.