Midnight Snack: Sucking on the Neighbor Boy


Marissa’s sex life went kaput when her older husband started taking sleeping pills. Left wanting and hungry, she looks for some satisfaction in her kitchen. As she tries to find a release, she discovers her 18-year-old neighbor watching her through the window and realizes he has the same hunger as she. Will they give in to the temptation to satisfy each other’s desires or go to bed hungry?

This 5,100 word short story is for adults only. It contains voyeurism, masturbation, food play, oral sex (blow job and cunnilingus) between a sexy cougar and the teenager next door plus whipped cream and indecent acts with a cucumber!

All characters in this story are adults over 18 years old.


Something else took over as Marissa led Todd into her house. Someone else. Someone she’d hidden deep inside—the younger version of herself who loved to have sex and enjoy life. The one that faded away after a few years of marriage and domestication. She felt alive and excited, walking around stark naked in front of this young man, letting her hips sway side to side so Todd could get a good view of her toned and tanned ass.

“What were you doing outside?” Marissa asked as she turned around, leaning against the counter where she sat masturbating just minutes earlier.

Todd was clearly unnerved by her nudity, his eyes darting from her face to the cabinets to the floor and back again. All he wanted was to leap on her, to grope her body and taste her skin. Instead, he felt like a little boy standing in front of a grown woman.

Marissa loved being naked in front of him, watching him as his eyes ogled her body and then shamefully darted away.

“I, uh, I was headed home.”

“Aren’t you out kind of late for a school night?” She raised her eyebrow playfully.

Todd cleared his throat and stood up a little straighter. “I graduated already. I’m an adult now. A man.”

Marissa’s eyes trailed down his body, to where his pants now concealed his package. Her gaze felt like x-rays to Todd. “You certainly are.” She smiled.

“I, uh, I’m sorry I was, uh, looking in the window—”

“Did you see anything you liked?”

“Um, uh, I didn’t see anything.” Suddenly his throat felt very dry. This was weird. It felt like a trap, but she didn’t seem mad. She seemed playful and amused like she had something indecent in mind.

“Are you sure?” Marissa eased herself up onto the counter, propping one leg up on the island again, giving Todd a perfect view.

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