The Final Secrets – Making the Billionaire’s Baby 6


After her secret relationship with the billionaire is revealed to the world, Shannon becomes front-page tabloid news. At the same time, Marcus’s career is destroyed as his company undergoes a federal investigation. As Shannon finds out more of Marcus’s secrets, she’s unsure about her future and what else Marcus is hiding from her. As she investigates the billionaire’s past she realizes everyone has their own secrets…


The street was empty, a cold wind blasting down the sidewalk, dark clouds swirling overhead and threatening snow, scaring the pedestrians back into their safe and warm homes. I trudged on, keeping my coat wrapped tight against my body, bracing against the gusts of wind. I had nowhere to go. The world was as cruel and cold as the weather.

Most of the stores were closed, the buildings all unfamiliar to me. I just had to continue on, find somewhere safe to rest. Small flurries swirled past me. Around me the wind seemed to whisper, voices echoing.

In the distance stood a figure. I squinted, but couldn’t make him out, so I just continued walking. He didn’t move, wasn’t stirred by the cold or the storm.

After a few more steps I looked up again, trying to place him. He held out his arms and my heart stopped. I started running, my breath puffing out in little white clouds, feet echoing against the pavement. The distance between us closed and I was in Marcus’s arms, warm and safe.

“Where were you?” he asked, smoothing down my hair.

“I was looking for you everywhere. Everything has gone all wrong. Our lives are ruined.”

“Don’t say that. We’re fine as long as we’re together.”

I looked up at him, his eyes shining, a wide smile on his face. He was right: I felt fine in his arms. Marcus kissed me, my body immediately responding to his touch. All of the worries melted away. This was all I needed, everything was fine.

There was a loud beeping and a thump. I opened my eyes, early morning light streaming between the plastic blinds. The garbage men outside yelled at each other as another dumpster slammed into the sidewalk. I rolled over onto my side, trying to close my eyes and reclaim the perfect dream I was having, but it was too late. Bitter reality already seeped in, reminding me of the heaviness and uncertainty I tried to escape in my sleep.

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