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Officer, Please! (Bound by Authority BDSM)


When Lacy is pulled over for speeding on her way home from work, she tries her best to sweet talk her way out of the ticket. Officer Horton doesn’t fall for her act, and she’s desperate to do anything to change his mind. She quickly realizes she’s in over her head when he handcuffs her in the back of his SUV. Will she submit to the officer and let him dominate her to get out of her ticket?

This 3600 word short story is for adults only. It contains graphic descriptions of bondage, spanking, sex and anal play in the back of a police cruiser.


“So,” Lacy said, licking her lips. “Should we get this party started?” She reached for his pants, but the officer gently pushed her hands away.

“Nuh-uh.” He shook his head. “You’ve been a bad girl Miss Gilbert. You need a punishment.”

Lacy sat back on her heels and watched the officer, his eyes glowing with a hunger she recognized. She knew exactly how to play it.

“How are you going to punish me?” She batted her eyes, trying to look young and innocent.

Officer Horton pulled his handcuffs from his belt, holding them so they dangled just in front of Lacy’s eyes.

“Oh!” she gasped playfully and then presented her wrists to him. “Are you going to arrest me, officer?”

He grinned, a glint of evil in his eyes. Faster than Lacy could gasp, one cuff was slapped around her left wrist as the cop pushed her backward until she fell on her side, her face was pressed against the stale smelling carpet. Yanking her other arm up, he looped the cuffs through the metal grid that partitioned the back of the vehicle from the front seats.

Lacy was trapped, her arms up above her head as she tried to bend her legs and push her body up into a kneeling position. Now she wasn’t so sure this was a good idea.

The officer grabbed her hips, yanking her up so she was on her knees looking out the front of the SUV, her wrists straining against the cold metal of the handcuffs. Slowly he slid his hands over the round curve of her ass, smiling in appreciation.

“You’re a bad, bad girl.” His voice was low, but firm.

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